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The "WHOOPS" Insurance - Legendary DIY & Accessories


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Did you Dog get a little overexcited for your New Hobby and thought that your Neatly Organized Diamond Containers were a bun of Celebration Confetti ?

Or maybe your Cat decided to be an artist one day and mixed Twelves Colors Together before continuing his usual routine after realizing he was not ?

Or, as we all will have done it one day, did you....

If this has happened to you, the pain is all too real. But, you know, Sh*t happens

BUT, besides that, great things happen as well, and one of those great things is:


Oh Sh*t Insurance - Diamonds Spilling In Slow Motion


If something happens as you're working on your project that you can't fix, simply send us a message and we'll send you either replacement diamonds or a Brand New kit at absolutely no charge to you!

At Legendary DIY, we value the Long Term relationship between us and our Customer. We want to ensure that all of our Customers feel safe and secure when placing an Order from us.



We put our Faith in our Customers and we are always open to hear all your crazy "Whoops" Stories. Just message our Support Team and we'll work something out!.

Step 1: Take a photo of the damage. 

To be eligible for our Insurance, you MUST submit a photo proof of the damage or issues with your Diamond Painting Kit for Verification purposes.

Step 2: Please let us know the following information via our Support Inbox, preferably with the Photos attached, or, depending on the Situation, we will let you know how to take the required photos:

  • Name: Name of the Recipient
  • Email: The Email address that you used to place your Order, or Phone number if you did not use one.
  • Previous Order Number: Order Number will be sent to your Email address at the time of Purchase.
  • Description Of Issue: 
  • Requested Resolution: Let us know your Prefered way of resolving the abovementioned issue.

*If you're having trouble with the form, you can contact us directly by either: 

  • Sending an email to support@legendarydiy.com
  • Messaging our Facebook page

Step 3: Someone from our Customer Support Team will evaluate your submission. Please allow 2-4 business days for a response from when you submit your initial claim. 

Step 4: We will let you know if you qualify for the "Whoops" insurance and inform you about the resolution. If not, we will also let you know how to best deal with the situation!.

Please note that we may try to provide alternative solutions to work the situation out without a reshipment. For example, many of our customers have had success picking up fallen diamonds using pantyhose and a regular vacuum cleaner. But rest assured, we will see to it that your situation if fixed, regardless of the solution!


When you Shop at Legendary DIY and Accessories, we will ensure that you get your Art finished and polished. No products go to waste, No Effords go unrewarded!.

Legendary DIY & Accessories.